Its easy to be passionate about pigs in the woods!

We both loved the idea of raising pigs in the woods when we first learned about it. So after leasing some family land with around 2 acres of pristine woodlot, we raised our first 4 hogs.

We move the hogs through the woods using electric fencing. They spend anywhere from 1-2 weeks on any given paddock before it's time to move again. Pigs can do a lot of good in the woods, transforming the landscape from overgrown bushes and brambles to a more park like atmosphere.

Raising pigs in this manner means they are able to root and graze freely in their natural environment maximizing animal welfare. This results in hogs that are stress free living their best lives. When pigs are able to eat a diverse range of forages, nuts, and bugs this translates to a more favorable omega 3/6 balance and higher levels of vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin E, and selenium. Our pigs diets are also supplemented with organic, non-GMO feed from Wallace Grain Co. in Sheridan. 

Unfortunately, the diets of industry raised pigs are becoming more contaminated with microplastics and food waste by the day. As of 2023, Indiana is 1 of 27 states that allows for the feeding of "food waste". Food waste can include anything from contaminated/adulterated food to plastics and Styrofoam.

Feel free to watch the video below to see evidence of this.