Save the Date!

Saturday September 21, 2024

10am to 5pm


Artisan Roe

1567 N 1000 E, Sheridan, IN 46069

- Artisan Roe is a budding fiber farm and homestead started by Lindsey Smith and her husband Charlie.  Their goal is to promote the merits of natural fibers and offer a local Sheep to Shawl source in our community.  Currently on the farm they have alpacas and Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, a recovering heritage breed listed by the Livestock Conservancy.  Lindsey has a B.A. from Purdue University where she studied both silversmithing and textiles.  She has been a knitter for 20 years and is a self-taught machine knitter. 

Covenant Hill Farm

90 N 1100 E, Zionsville, IN, 46077

-A farm incorporated in 2020 as a social enterprise experience for a family member.  We have fruit trees, wild berries and a large vegetable garden...and of course chickens!  We will be selling homemade jams, jellies, pickles and salsa!  Also hosting Haldale Honey.

Downs Farm

2772 East 186th St. Westfield, IN 46074

- We grow gourmet mushrooms year-round in upcycled shipping container

Eagleson Meadows

2195 W 211th St, Sheridan, IN 46069

- A cut flower farm with over 50 varieties of flowers offering market bouquets, perennials, and house plants for sale as well as tours of the family gardens.


Kell Squires Pastures

1567 N 1000 E, Sheridan, IN 46069

- Kell Squires Pastures is a family-owned farm located in Sheridan, Indiana. Mike and Tiffany Squires started the farm in 2022 with the goal of taking control of their health by raising their food in a healthy and sustainable way, while also being able to provide for their loved ones and community. They do this by practicing regenerative farming methods, this not only helps their customers, but it also helps the planet as well. KSP’s mission is to help restore the health of our planet’s soil and they believe regenerative farming to be the way. They hope by sharing their operation with the community and the world that they will be able to inspire others to do the same.

Pasture raised chicken is sold directly on the farm, online & at local farmers markets, as well as forest raised pork, goats milk soap, primal dog treats, and eggs when available.

Also joint us on the farm for the crawl, Eagle Creek Apiary!

 Saviola’s Farm

3294 N 1100 E, Sheridan, IN 46069

- Small hobby farm ran by a couple that has been together since 1975.  Bought this lovely small farm two years ago after they had retired.  Debra loves her chickens and Michael farms 1.3 acres of fresh vegetables.  They also put in a small orchard of fruit trees that will bloom and be ready to enjoy in the next few years! Michael grew up in an Italian family and uses a recipe that has been handed down through the generations for the homemade sausages.  This is their first year in the farm crawl and looking forward to meeting all their Sheridan neighbors and growing with their community. 

Wondertree Farm

2280 S US 421, Zionsville, IN,46077

Ten years ago, we as a family began to reevaluate everything—our health, our time, our priorities, our ideas of success. We also began to reconsider our relationship to the earth—its health, its food sources, and our stewardship of them. We wanted to reacquaint ourselves with nature through agriculture in a traditional farm setting.  From this time of reordering came a place called WonderTree. 

WonderTree is a working farm where our family became reacquainted with the wonder of life, growth, and the mysteries of nature. It is also where we learned about food’s unique placement as a means of land and human health. It became our mission to remain connected to the land we were helping to heal.  

Over the years, we have extended an invitation to our community to share in this mission through Farm Days, glamping, and our on-farm market. When people visit WonderTree or sit down to a meal with one of our pastured meats, we believe much more is happening than mere tourism or eating. We believe people are sharing in a calling to improve the health of people, land, and animals.

Stay tuned as we add more information on farms & vendors!